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Car buying up in cash – Second-hand selling – Ask for our offer!

Dear Costumer!

Let me introduce Omega Auto Center Ltd!

We founded our company as a joint venture business in February 2007 after more than 10 years of work experience and selling of 2000 tracks. It is essential to have fixed values and long term purposes at the time of changes and difficult economical circumtances.

Our main activities are purchasing of semi trailers and lorry trailers, fulfilling of individual export-import orders, used tracks counting in and second hand selling. Satisfied costumers are using their vehicles as a result of our outstanding work in the past.

Our goal is to offer excellent quality productions and services to our existed and prospective costumers. Our contact with leasing companies is exemplary. In 90 per cent of our previous financial deals a partner bank or leasing company was interested. Our several years of work experience in the European market of used vehicles is a guarantee for fast and flexible serving of our clients.

Thank you for your interest, and hope a profitable cooperation in the future. Yours faithfully

Csikos Attila

Managing director/Commercial manager